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in #art4 years ago (edited)

I've finally had a little time to fix up my banner/header for my website (for now. I will buy a proper domain soon). I cobbled this together from some public domain clip arts, Crypto logos, and some of my good old fashioned GIMP talent. See those nice sun lines? i drew those. Lol.

Can I get some opinions? Hows it look? Ugly as shit or passable?

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very nice post, keep it up. make sure to check my art page too. artists need to come together on this platform to make a bigger impact.

Indeed. And I for one need to do more art! lol. I'll check out your page. :)

Nice concept friend

Thank you. I am kind of proud of it, but I feel like I might need to do more edits.

Keep up the work going my friend, you gonna kill it

I'm not an expert on these things... But personally, I really like it!! I'm impressed you cobbled it together from domain clip arts & logos. I could never have made anything that looked this fun! I like the Bitcoin sun, lol, nice touch!

Thank you very much. But let me just say, if you have the will to learn, you can do it too. I just spent a little time looking for rough ideas of what I wanted and found a bunch that sort of matched stylistically, and fired up GIMP. There was a time not too long ago I felt the same way. I'm sure artists out there could have done it better, but they couldn't have made it like this. :)

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