Know yourself - Watercolor painting

in #art2 years ago

These times we all have to live are hard. I hope wherever you read this, you're doing fine. I really do.


In the heat, I see how cold I used to feel.
The tender hug that I never had, and yet I miss.
Silence is gaining ground on who I used to be.
Dried leaves falling gracefully.
They glide in the air like they were dancing.
A ritual that renews my soul when I find myself looking through the window.
The time goes on.
And my memory reminds me that in the movement,
Grief comes along.


I've been reading a lot about color theory and I wanted to try it with a new painting, adding opposites, that's why I made the window scenery purple-ish, to contrast with the yellow-brown interior.

I had a little trouble with the paper, you can notice it immediately after the first snap, I think I used too much water when painting the first layer for the walls and the paper wrinkled a bit, nothing that a few heavy books couldn't fix in the end hahaha.


I hope you liked it!

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