My work on Monster Rampage

in #art2 years ago

This is another mobile game I worked on that never got released. Was supposed to be a pretty simple runner where you run through environments destroying buildings in this super quaint 50's style world. I really liked this premise because I was able to reference some elements of skate culture and things to push the feel. You might be able to see I'm dealing with many design restrictions for this type of project. That's definitely a big aspect of being professional, sure you can draw really well but now see how you do if we dump hot sauce in your eyes and tie your hands behind your back.

r1 title.jpg

r2 char.jpg

r3 buildings.jpg

r4 env.jpg

r5 ui.jpg


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Go here to get your post resteemed to over 72,000 followers.

Cool! Don't think I ever saw this stuff.

This is cool to see, totally different from your regular style. The monsters are great and I really love the buildings you created

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So, very colorful pics! I love the lady monsta! Hahaha great illustrations!!

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