Getting the whole figure

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As I began to get better at life drawing, I was able to get the entire figure more often. Like a dog wagging its tail, people communicate a lot about their mood and personality in the way they position their feet. When I looked artists who were amazing at life drawing, I was always mesmerized by their ability to capture so much personality in the legs and feet.


I love looking at those. Loving the movement, manner and how alive those sketches look.Keep it up!

Definitely! Each character has such life to them even though they are static. You can almost figure out their personalities just by looking at them. Incredible.

Wow! Kind of took my speach away.

Cool drawings mate! I like your style and your blog!

these are such beautiful studies!!! i should really make this a habit, but i always get so nervous drawing in public...

One of the tricks my teachers said was when you look at someone, don't move your entire head, just move your eyes

I can’t get over these sketches man. Beautiful work as always. Thx for sharing these with us. I feel like your teaching a lesson every time you pick up the pen. Your a true master of the craft.

Thanks man, I've got some big posts I'm working up to so thanks for following!

I love your style. In your draws a simple line can say a lot of things. Thank you for sharing.

Transmitir movimiento en dibujos es bastante difícil, hay que ser muy observadores para ello, admiro los artistas que lo logran, como tus ilustraciones, que son muy buenas por cierto!

Cool drawings - upped and followed. :)


I love these artworks! They look so alive! Great and beautiful work.

Love these, as always @sisler003 ! Your lines are so fluid and expressive <3 and i love how you shade <3

All the poses are really nice too * ___ *......... the feets and legs really do complete them figures~

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Thanks, I learned so much from just going out and drawing people. I'm glad others find it interesting. It's essentially endless inspiration.

I kinda need to learn to use real life people as references or even photos.... Your stuff is really motivating me to try and go back and learn figure drawing~

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Thank you!

Wow, beautiful drawings. I really like your style! It looks so natural.

Wow, really good! I used to do live drawings all the time, for a long period in my travels, that was the only drawings I did :) Now I haven't done them for a while, but I feel like making a post about them now :) Thank you, great inspiration, I'm a new follower <3

Cool, I'd like to see.

Thank you! yes i think i will make a post, when i come back from my current trip to madrid ❤

Amazing drawings :D very nice sketching-style :)