Daily drawings

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One of the main things that began to add a feeling of completeness to my drawings was connecting up my lines. I still make the mistake in some of these but making sure your lines connect without a gap is very important for the viewer because it indicates one form over another.


Thanks everyone for your support. Always happy to answer any questions about technique as I was an art instructor for multiple years.

Fantastic work again, you're an inspiration. So glad I followed you, seeing this first thing when I start the day!

intersting studies

I like your sketches!!

Great contours and study work here. I love seeing sketch related art on here. Keep it up!

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I like them a lot, they look very alive. You have an awesome talent in lose lines, it gives them a lot of texture. Great!

Your sketches are very good! I think it is important to know where each line will be placed, since its position, direction and on top of which we place another line, indicates the shape of the object, the practice of sketching allows us to perfect the bodies and lines.

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