Underground Steemit Pirate Podcast Radio Presents!!!! STEEMIT ORIGINAL ANIME!!! PODCAST 7 EXCLUSIVE!

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Hey Hey Pirates! Like I promised, here is that low budget..Very low budget ( $43.50 to be exact ) Anime: 

New Anarchy Girl aka N.A.G.

Episode Zero

" A girl told me about the world"

Details: During this episode you will be introduced to one of the main characters "Patrick". This episode gives an inside look as to what he is all about and how he views the world around him. Is he a cold blooded killer or a sweet innocent teen? Find out in this episode of N.A.G!

***if you have any problems viewing let me know!***

After that we have the 1 take live podcast show with the Host

To end off the show we have a Exclusive song dedicated to a cat, so check that out!

This is part 0 of a 10 episode Mini series. ( Currently 2 Episodes done )

  • Each Anime is about 1 minute long ( Non Color due to budget, but coming soon )
  • Looking for writers for episode 3 & 4!
  • Looking to make an Original Spin Off, with someones creative writing mind at the helms.
  • Need a background artist
  • Looking for voice actors/actress

Anyone interested in Co Hosting the show let me know.


Art,Skits,News,Music,anything! Its a variety show


~Sir Lunch A Lot aka CollectiveMind 

Chat with me on Steemit.chat


All music played during the anime is owned and was produced by me.

Be sure to check out my other post and always leave Comments!

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explosions! xD


lol, best part!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

damn yo thanx 4 the shout out.
once I get 2 more followers I will hit 100 and ima do a shout out post, ima make sure your on it. xD
fosho we will figure out the show thing. I need to sleep but tomorrow we work it out.




Arrrrrr! Happy talk like a pirate day!!!!