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Gambar tampilan.jpg

Thank you for your attention and your visit all to @sipildanarsitek account
Hopefully this becomes my motivation to be more creative again

Here are some of meeting and simple deliberations that are displayed with different views in 2dimensi form


Design of step 1

A.gambar tampak1.jpg

Design of step 2

B.gambar tampak 2.jpg

Design of step 3

D.gmbr det pondasi.jpg

Design of step 4

E.gmbr detail pondasi.jpg

Design of step 5

F.det portal balok dan ring bal.jpg

Design of step 6

L. detail kosen pintu (1).jpg

Design of step 7

L. detail kosen pintu (2).jpg

Design of step 8

L. detail kosen pintu (2).jpg

Design of step 9

M. kusen jendela.jpg

Design of step 10

M. kusen jendela.jpg

Design of step 11

J. tampilan atap.jpg

Design of step 12

G.detail rangka atap.jpg

Design of step 13

det rangk atap Kuda H.jpg

Design of step 14

I. det pot kuda.jpg

Design of step 15

Gambar tampilan.jpg

Design of step 16

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