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Have a nice day! Today I decided to draw a new year's eve in a small village.

Winter. Evening. Every house is already preparing For the new year. Everyone is busy with the housework. Establish a Christmas tree, light garlands. And at this time someone is walking near the river.


I initially planned to draw winter and a few houses. Marked the sky with a full moon. I drew roofs and a mountain in the distance.


Then she began to draw various details.

I noticed that when I start to draw I have different ideas in my head, but the problem is that while many things I have not yet learned to draw. It is difficult to distribute shadows and light, to observe the aerial perspective...

And the next stage was drawing the river.


I like to write water, no matter the river or the sea, I still love the blue color and the flow of water.

What did you like about my work? What didn't you like?

I wish you all a happy New year, friends and my regular readers!

Thank you for supporting my new works! I would be very grateful to anyone who will leave in the comments of their opinion and criticism of my style or some of my drawings.

Your criticism will help me develop in this art form, grow and learn, work productively and hone my skills...

Thank you for Your attention and visit. I appreciate Your feedback and comments. I wish you luck and have a nice day!

Best wishes,


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Wow! This is a real gift for the New year.
I've been dreaming about it for months as soon as I learned to draw a little :-)

Thank you very much for your attention.
It's a great honor for me to get into your magazine Art-Venture.

ого так вы еще и художница!

это громко сказано :-) Но иногда рисую ! Спасибо что посмотрели мои работы! Мне очень приятно!


hello , good village , its like some one in fact?

Thank you for your attention. This is my fantasy!

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Happy new year.
Thank you for support.

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