An ordinary night of the Beneforti's family

in art •  5 months ago

I think the title for our usual night could be "Home sweet home".  Is it a Saturday night? Doesn't matter! For the Beneforti's family Saturday is just a simple day in the week, because working at home we can organize oour working time to have free the day of the week we prefer.

Ok, it's not just becase of this, but also because we are a quiet couple (a not so young couple ^_^) that loves to stay at home after the dinner. Just a little walk around the street to breath some fresh air and after pajama (for me) and sofa. Some episodes of our favorite tv series and our furbaby who sleep close to us. 

Some years ago I painted (using watercolors) the following scenes. I think it perfectly represent the quiet atmosphere at Beneforti's home tonight :

My hubby is playing online games, just a simple game to relax his mind after he worked on a new painting. I'm sitting on sofa, so I wish you my good night and see ya tomorrow ^_^


silvia beneforti
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bless you - from one artist to another...