Original Museum Sketch. Medieval helmet

in art •  last year


When we think of museum sketching we usually think of drawings sculptures or paintings. But there is a lot of interesting stuff to be drawn in museums: armor for instance. After having drawn several portraits from busts I decided to take a little break and draw this interesting medieval hat.


It was a quick study that helps me practice creating tones to represent reflective surfaces. I built the values up making sure to leave the bright highlight in place.


Besides being a fun exercise, this little sketch may come in handy latter if I ever decide to draw a medieval soldier. This reference will be in the back of my mind somewhere.


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I love the explanation of your drawings. The setting, your thoughts... thank you :)

Excellent post on drawing. I just saw your video on YouTube and I'm following you now on Steemit. I've been here a little over a week. Glad to see you on here. This way you can share all of your interest and it not affect any type of YouTube viewership.