Drawing a greek bust in a museum. Original Sketch

in art •  last year


I'm sharing some of the sketches I did this weekend in the Walter's Art Museum in Baltimore. The roman and greek statues room is a great place to sketch (Although having to draw while standing is tiring.) I was drawing these sketches as quickly as I could while trying to be accurate. I believe more people should sketch in art museums. It is a great way of spending more time with the piece and understanding it better. Greco-Roman statues are particularly good for practicing because their light marble material reveals structure well.

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Great drawing! I agree that more people should go and draw objects (even those who do not have your level of skill).


yes. Imagine how cool it would be!

Forever envious of your seemingly ease of drawing!


Thanks. I have battled over myself many times over a drawing. :-)

Looks so good! Ive always liked the way hatching looks


Thanks! and thanks for the resteem!