project Cryptozoology: fig.22 "Shimmering swamp Ghost"

in art •  9 months ago


##### I think it's time to expand the project a bit?
More and more unformatted material is produced.
Arose the word to form into some kind of expedition diary or travel album, alas, the name was not yet formally formulated;)

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Really wonderful - Is this pencil and pen on paper or digital?


Thank you! All together, drawing in pencil, in Photoshop is imposed a background texture and painted.


Nice! Looks great.

You could single handedly design the artwork for fantasy movies or games. Remember us all when you are rich <3


I solemnly promise not to forget, if this suddenly happens to me!


ahahahah, ME TOO DUDE ;)
Whoever gets there first <3 <3

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very nice