Artwork of the Day #50 - Silver Jubilee

in #art5 years ago

Today I celebrate my 50th artwork of the day with you.


It's time to say THANK YOU again!

Thanks for all your votes!
Thanks for all your comments!
Thanks for all the resteems!
Thanks for all the follows!

Thanks for diving into my world of art, poetry, videoart and photography!

This community is awesome! I hope to see lots of you at #steemfest!

CU soon! @shortcut


I agree with what @opheliafu said...there is so much to see and I love white on black. I've attempted with terrible results. LOL Great job. guys have fun...without me. :'( sniff::sniff


Thanks a lot @merej99 - I'm impressed how you are supporting someone else to go to steemfest, although you wanted to go there so desperately! I'm sure you will be part of this, cause our thoughts are with you. :-)

I have found that when things are meant to be, they actually come easily to me. Which is not to say that I have easy living! LOL But in this case, it was easier to give and she's making the trip, so "easy" visited her this time :) I expect to see a lot of photo journals!

I like how you can see this. Keep it up! I'm sure, there will be a lot of photo-blogs and also (live?) videos from steemfest.

I think i'll be spending a bit of time looking at this picture, so much to see.
And yes, see you at SteemFest!

Yes, this will gonna be so much fun :-)