Seguimos haciendo graffiti [trabajo en progreso] / We still making graffiti [Working in progress]

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Hola amigos / Hi friends

Después de haber terminado el mural de Luchadores mexicanos el cliente me pidió un mural mas, pero ahora con un par de personajes ilustres de la cultura mexicana

After finishing the mural of Mexican wrestlers the client asked me for another mural, but now with a couple of illustrious characters from Mexican culture

Tintan & Cantinflas

Tintan y Cantinflas comediantes de los años 50s a los 80

Tintan and Cantinflas comedians of the 50s to the 80s

Sinceramente no es el tipo de trabajos que me gusta hacer pero al fin y al cabo son los que me dejan algo de dinero. En general me gusta el graffiti y el arte urbano ya saben. 🤘

Honestly it is not the type of work that I like to do but after all they are the ones that leave me some money. In general I like graffiti and street art you know.🤘

Gracias por leerme 🙏

Thanks for reading me 🙏

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I love getting to see your work @shimozurdo, I hope you are well my friend xxx

Hello hello, thank you so much my friend. I've been a little busy but I did a chance for posting something 👍 cheers

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Nice portraits, realistics (I have to check on Wiki because I didn't know these actors)...
I wish you that soon you'll be able to live from what you like to do.

Hey man thanks, That must be the goal of life, do what you like and enjoy the trip 😉

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Me gustó cómo quedó Cantinflas :)

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