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Hello, everyone. Shibasaki here :D How are you doing?
Thanks to all of you, I’m doing well.

First, take a look. Well? Isn’t it gorgeous? This is part of my backyard, but see, cherry blossoms. It’s April, and now it’s spring. Speaking of April and spring, of course it’s cherry blossom time in Japan. They always go together because Japanese people love cherry blossoms. When I renovated my house about 10 years ago, I planted this little cherry tree. Now it’s grown big enough to bear an abundance of blossoms. It’s wonderful! Cherry blossoms are a symbol of peace. They make us feel calm and give a sense of the season. Cherry blossoms are an essential spring flower in Japan. I would like you to join me for blossom viewing.

Here, these are Japanese traditional sweets, Sakura-mochi. They are called so because, as you can see, they are pink like cherry blossom petals. There are different styles, but look, these are cherry leaves.

The leaves were picked in brine, and they are delicious. It’s interesting that you can eat the entire cake with the leaf.

By the way, it’s been a little over two years since I started releasing my videos on YouTube. I always remember in April when I started my YouTube channel. I didn’t know anything about YouTube. I learned little by little from scratch and gradually increased my YouTube skills. And surprisingly, now I have 240K subscribers. It’s overwhelming and beyond my understanding. 240K people have clicked my subscription button. I am truly happy about it. But I also know that my effort alone didn’t make this achievement. There are voluntary moderators who offered to manage my comments. The assistance of these moderators helped attract the interest of these 240K subscribers.

One of the moderators is MT (YouTube User). MT, are you watching? Thank you for your continuous support. Lots of viewers left me comments and questions. How are your paints? What kind of paper do you use? For example. Moderator MT answers these questions for me and shows them where they can find the answers. This is a great help for me. Thank you, MT.

Another moderator is @veryspider from Australia. She is a very young lady and energetically supports me!!! Yes! she is steemian!

Look at these paintings!!!!! @veryspider painted these strawberries and the cherry tree. Like all of you, @veryspider is one of the enthusiastic fans of my YouTube channel. She helps me manage the comments left with my videos.

The efforts of these supporters have helped achieve the 240K subscribers. Now I have a wider circle of people who love painting. This is what I believe is the greatest achievement since I started my channel when I knew nothing about YouTube. I am absolutely happy that I started the channel. With the support of all of you, I will continue to work to have a wider and wider circle of watercolor painting lovers in the world. Well, today, I introduced my cherry cakes, which I am eating for you. At the same time, under the cherry trees, I’ve shared the news of 240+ subscribers to celebrate with you. I also wanted to tell you that I hope to continue to enjoy watercolor painting with you.

Thank you all!!

This is “Latest video” from my YouTube channel “Watercolor by Shibasaki”. Please switch to English subtitles.

Last month, I had a very happy experience. It will be a great memory for me. I have sweet granddaughters on this platform. It's @verspider and @scrawly :D I received a wonderful gift from the Australia! A lot of beautiful stamps of Australia were pasted in the box. I was surprised at the opening of the box! That's a lot of sweets and snacks. Yes I love sweets and snacks :D And there are many other items! I will shoot these and create a video~!!!

Card from @veryspider

Dear @veryspider,
Your enthusiasm for art and diligence are very awesome and I really respect you. Also you are always trying to help a lot of people. You are a very beautiful person. Yes! very-beautiful-spider desu! :D I will continue to support you!!! I love you, my sweet granddaughter!!!

Card from @scrawly

Dear @scrawly,
Your imagination and the spirit of inquiry, your motivation have been a big inspiration for me. I always appreciate your kindness and compassion. I will continue to support you!!! Also your curator skills are very awesome. You have hawk's eyes!!! I love you, my sweet granddaughter!!!

ありがとう :D :D :D

(C)Harumichi Shibasaki.
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

Watercolor by Shibasaki


YouTube Silver Creator Award
c-squeard Curator

On this platform, my sweet granddaughters are trying watercolor paintings.
@veryspider, @scrawly !!
Let's see their beautiful journey!!!

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What a beautiful post. You deserve all the attention that you get. You are an amazing artist and such a nice person. Your videos are clear and understandable and the passion for painting is clearly visible in everything what you do. I wish you many more followers on youtube and all social platform where you're registered. I hope that soon you will be sharing the 1 Mio followers with us! That would be awesome!

Oh, I have a friend in Japan and he told me that when I would ever come to Japan it should be in spring because it's the most beautiful with those blossoms :)

I wish you an amazing weekend!

Oh, Thank you for your kind words. @delishtreats It's such an honor to be told that. Arigato~!!!
Have a beautiful day! :D :D :D

Wow, congrats on your Youtube subscriber milesone. And well deserved shout-outs to Spidey and Scawley too.

Ahhhhhh @choogirl!!!! :D How are you? Thank you so much :D Yes, I LOVE spidey and scrawls and choogirl! So I LOVE Australia 🇦🇺 ~~~ :D :D :D

I'm good. Thanks for asking.

Aahh I'm glad that the package has arrived safely. I hope you will enjoy the taste of sweets and snacks from Australia.

And I'm glad that spring has come to Japan. Sakura and better weather, that sounds pleasant.

Also 245k subscribers! In just over 2 years! Amazing!!! Big BIG congratulations :).

Ohhhhh @scrawly -chan!!!
I will be creating a video that will eat a lot of this sweets and snacks in the near future :D so please wait it ne~~~ ;)
I love you, my sweet granddaughter!!!
Thank you for your big support!!!!! :D

@cryplectibles recommended this post for some #STEEMLove, so I upvoted, resteemed and tweeted it. Also I followed you. Peace and love from France!

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Wonderful to "meet" you, Shibasaki! 😊

And @felt.buzz, I saw your tweet about this post, which is why I came over to upvote, resteem, and !tip

Hi @traciyork Thank you~!! :D :D :D

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LOL! Completely spaced that I was replying to your reply, @felt.buzz and not @shibasaki's post. Off to tip him properly now. 😂

Ha ha! I wondered why I'd been tipped! But thank you anyway! :)

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@felt.buzz, @cryplectibles Thank you for the support!! :D
Wow I love France!!! My daughter is going to France this summer ;)

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you for the support!!!
@helpiecake, @helpie, and sweet @scrawly!!!!!!!! :D

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@c-squared, Thank you for the support!!

This is very heartwarming. It's really awesome to have those superb steemians like scrawly and veryspider support on your back.

I also started creating youtube channel (about 1 year ago), and still struggling for subscribber and views, but it's really challenging and i'm happy with the production. :D

Best of luck for you, Master Shibasaki.
Warm regards from Jakarta

Oh @gibic -san!! :D Thank you~~~~
yes!! I am lucky to have a wonderful granddaughters :D :D :D

Wow I would watch your YouTube channel!!! :D

Congratulations @shibasaki I have been thinking of starting a Youtube channel myself lately, only not sure I'd want to really be a teacher, so have put it off. You are a wonderful teacher and so glad you are seeing such success.

I had no idea that @scrawly and @veryspider were your granddaughters or that they were even related, that is adorable. They are such good steemians so you are lucky to have them on your side. Well done everyone!

I love cherry blossoms and really all fruit tree blossoms. It's still going to be another 2 weeks most likely for us here in New England in USA before we see any blossoms on our trees.

Hi donna~~!! Thank you so much! :)
yes!! I am lucky to have a wonderful granddaughters :D :D :D

I hope you have a beautiful spring :D

Trying this again, since I goofed the first time... 😂


XD @traciyork! Thanks again!!! :D :D :D

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Ojiichan!!! Congratulations on 245,000+ subscribers on your youtube, ne !!! AMAZING~ It is because ojiichan is very good sensei and create beautiful artworks that enrich people's live! FOR SURE <3 !

Kumo will work hard and help ojiichan's youtube channel to grow grow !

And glad the package arrives safely :D Hehehe~ Hope ojiichan enjoy \o/

Ahhhhh my sweet very-beautiful-spider chan!!! :D
Thank you for your big support! Jiichan ureshii desu!
I will be creating a video that will eat a lot of this sweets and snacks in the near future :D so please wait it ne~~~ ;)

daisuki kumo-chan and scrawly-chan, we are secret oni family~ XD

Jiichan it is not secret if you said it out loud in public XD.

Oops!!! Ah...well...aaa onigiri family! okay? XD

Dear Shibasaki, good to hear that you are well, have a lot of health and a long life!
And here is my sakura ;)

Hi arrrrrrrrrrr~~~!! :D :D :D Thank you so much!

Woooow Thank you for showing me the beautiful Sakura. where is it?

How are you all so adorable it defies comprehension 😆

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XD Thank you @ryivhnn!!!! ;)

Wahhh congrats! This is so cute and sweet~
I see your granddaughters, spidey and scrawly talk about you and your amazing paintings in their posts! Not sure why I haven't followed you sooner but now I have! Keep up the amazing work all of you!

Hi @thilah! Thank you soooo much :D :D :D

Hello dear Shibasaki! I am glad that you are doing well, I wish you excellent health, warm and sunny days and a great mood! :)

Ahhhh saddy! Hi! Thank you~!!!!