you are unstopable sensei, do you have any idea how much money you already made in this platform?

Anyway, I'll do my best here so please support me :)

:o.... ;)
Thank you for your concern.

Wow lovely and amazing nice work keep it up thanks for sharing

You are welcome :)

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fresh and airy! I miss watercolor!

Thanks for watching!

too strong colors for me, but greaat technique.. I love your town paintings!

Thanks for watching!

Wow! My mind is blown. Awesome post and great picture! I totally look forward to see more soon!

Thanks! I'm glad to hear that! :)

Your welcome! I was glad to see that. :)

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Gorgeous work!

Thanks for watching!



Mr.Shibasaki, great painting!

The colors are really catching.

Thanks for saying so :)

This is some great skills on display.
I like how you use the palette knife, @shibasaki

Thanks! I’m glad you liked my artworks :)

Good work...

Thanks a lot ;)

You are welcome.

Wonderful work and great steps. Thanks for sharing. I love water colour myself.

You are welcome :)

I'm looking forward to more of your things. :)

I'm glad to hear that! ;)

Wow @shibasaki . You are amazing. I'm thankful for how you clicked and posted the progress shots. It could help a lot of art enthusiasts like me. The use of knife has turned out to be real effective. I didn't expect that. The overall picture look very amazing. I m a painter myself and you could check my post as per your wish. Anyway, great piece of artwork. Keep on rocking mate. STEEM ON

Thanks for watching!
I will go to see your post later.

Your welcome sir... You are very talented. ;-);-)

Wow its so amazing

Thanks for watching!!!

WoW! excellent tutorial and artwork.

Thanks! I’m glad you liked my artworks :)

The whole process looks so fascinating! It turned out very beautiful, I wish you success!

Thanks! I'm glad to hear that!

Great post there, keep up good work !

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Amazing work! Lovely colors and I love how loose you are!

My drawing rose always mess😔 .. Your art so amazing.. I will try this way 💓😶

You’re welcome to try it out! :)

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