Blobfish 2: Progress

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In an earlier post I mentioned that I'm developing a sequel to my mobile game, Blobfish Evolution.

The game will aptly be named Blobfish Evolution 2.

I figured it would be fun and helpful for me to post updates on how this is proceeding.

First: Tools

When I made the first game I used a Surface Pro 2 tablet and Manga Studios to draw the assets. I also use FLStudio to do the music and sound.

I'm currently getting the assets created and haven't gotten into doing sound or music yet.

The tools I'm using now are very similar.

  • Surface Pro 4
  • Clip Studios

It's been a bit of an adjustment learning these new tools, but not by much because the Surface tablets are very similar, so it's just a lot of annoying setup.

As far as changing from Manga Studios to Clip Studios, there's been very little adjustment as they are both made by the same company.

Clip Studios actually has a really awesome animation feature that does basically everything I would want to have an animation application do. Since the game is hand illustrated and hand animated, this feature works really well.

If I was doing this in pixel art I'd be using Asperite.


Here's a few animations for the starting character.



If you're not familiar with the game, it's a casual mobile game where you play as a mutant fish that swims around, knocks out other fish, and absorbs them until it mutates.

Here's the first stage.

Let me know what you think

I really enjoy making games, animating, and creating assets and environments. So tell me what you think.


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Highly rEsteemed!

I especially impressed with how you use SteemIt to document your work more than SteemIt does to document SMTs.