Avengers: Infinity War answers to questions about four numbers?

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Avengers: The scene of Infinity War picture, for a little over 10 years, Emperor Emperor Marvel Superman Now everyone has come together in one screen. 'Avengers: Infiniti War' was released on April 27. Those who have received photo tickets after many pursuits, may have already been in trouble. Those who have not yet seen, I promise, will not reveal any gimmicks.

A generation of pictures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe meant that a childhood, a teenage youth, a 'timeline' That's the start of the 2008 'Ironman'. Then there was a huge multiplex to see the images in 3D technologies that were not in Dhaka. And now? After 10 years in the sky, the Avengers! With this feeling, they entered the cinema with thorns.

If you do not see 'Thar' or 'Black Panther' released some time ago, it may seem a bit scrappy from the beginning of the film. So those who are starting Marvel - Avengers: Infinity War, they have to do a 'homework'. Take a look at the earlier pictures of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Since the first Avengers 2012, the audience was waiting for Thanos. Josh Borlin's desire to see this character acted so well, it was well filled. What is not there in this Thanes? Anger, emotions, influence, anger, love-super-heroes are like this to blow up.

It may frustrate the background of the picture. Because the recent release of Black Panther with lyrics and background music did not match the 'Avengers: Infiniti War'. Have tried in a scene to keep the tradition of the Guardian of Galaxy with the acclaimed song. But before the refill of the mind, the scene passed in a few seconds. Now come in the story Marvel did not disappoint. The fame of the sense of humor that Marvel had, the trend was still there. They made the plot of 'Infinity War' for 10 years. Every character knows the merveils, known as. So do not be stupid to see the 'Old Man' starring Tony Stark with 'Star Lord'. Like the old Kassundari, the story of this film shook completely.

What can be said about the end. Those who have already seen the picture, they will agree - maybe there was a dissatisfaction. The answer to intrigue and intriguing questions in the mind will not be available until the next four Avengers releases. Waiting for one more wait!


Your writing is great.I appreciate your blog.Thank you very much for sharing the post with us.

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I love this movie very much, I love those who have participated in movies.

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