Inner Flight // inspired by Leonor Fini (from Surrealist Masks mini-series)

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Joan Pope as Leonor Fini

Joan Pope as Leonor Fini

As part of the bonus features in the Surrealist Erotica series I am working on a mini-series called Surrealist Masks. So far I have one episode dedicated to Surrealist photographer Claude Cahun and my latest video is inspired by Surrealist artist Leonor Fini.

Update: I've created a secondary subscription series with the Bonus videos only... called What is Surrealism

This is a photo of Fini in the original mask in 1946:


I made the mask in 2 parts... the "wings" are attached to a headband because I thought it would be easier than trying to attach them to the part that covers my face.



Preview Gif:

Surrealist Erotica // from Joan Pope on Vimeo.

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