Self-Creation // collage by sexdeathrebirth

in art •  2 years ago 


"The artist, perhaps more than any other member of society stands for individual freedom" // The artist relies on individual freedom to think and act for themselves. Express yourself- its the point of living.

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Great work!

thank you!

The frame over the landscape and figure draws the focus to its subjects and they become art... which is of course perfect for the quote. I like that the figure is also framed by the edges of her own clipping, making it look like multiple windows into multiple worlds. And that the words are arranged like cookie fortunes or cut-and-paste on a ransom note. This is awesome :)


I like the frame in the middle of the natural environment. The framed artist looking to freedom beyond the art. Not sure I agree with the quote. I think everyone is looking for freedom at the moment.

I'd hope everyone's priority is freedom...