Chef and Iceberg connected

in art •  7 months ago

Detalj - Aura migrene, 2017.jpg

Today I realised one thing, while looking at my recent collages (including this one) -
it is not about keeping the Earth away from plastics and gases only. It is also about spirituality.
Spirituality is the one that manages the relationship of man to himself and his enviroment.
Aura migrene,  2017.jpg

I believe that connection with the land is so strong within us all, but only some people let it be.
Chief, here, has migraine same as the Iceberg. Chief just practiced his spirit to let his body be sharp. Like some animals have sharp senses. Maybe it is all about adaptation? And,the relationship goes in both directions, and they are influenced by same environment. It is all connected, as they say.

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