This is: The story of love and nature through paint

in #art2 years ago

Every single piece of art that I've created has come from the subconscious, from dream states, from states of perception. Art comes from an emotional state, from pure passion. I create from complete darkness that consumes me and painting becomes the flowing colours that illuminate the path ahead.

Creating life, creating a feeling, creating a story. There are so many words to describe life, history and resolution. So much pain so much love so much joy so much wonder. The cornucopia of human existence swirls around my mind through meditation, through snowboarding, longboarding, through surfing through hiking mountains, floating weightlessly in the ocean, letting the currents bring clarity and inspiration to create my work.

Through loving, through making love, through tears through sweat or blood, through hate or fear, through faith, through hope. Through growth, through diminishing the ego, through enlightenment.

We explore 70,000 thoughts Per day, roughly 35 to 48 thoughts per minute. To convey these thoughts through multiple hours of work is my word-to image translation. My language.

This is love. My love to give. Life and nature. This is her story. This is a reflection of the human and non human experience and these moments are caught in time: the infinite.

I want to share my art with the world to create awareness. About self-love, the ocean, salty air, sandy feet, the burning sun. Travelling (whether through this world or another dreamtime world) where tribal, future and present meet on canvas to speak.