Colored sketch

in art •  8 months ago

Hey again

so i managed to get trough my big written assignment, yay! Anyways about a week ago i posted a drawing and I've had the coloured version just lying around so i decided to post that as well. it didn't turn out as great as the sketch but it could have been worse. so here y'all go :)

i'm scarlet-rain a 16 year old girl from Denmark, who enjoy drawing in my spare time. if you wanna know a little bit more here's my introduction post

And here's my instagram page

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I love it! I think it turned out to look really cute!


thank you a lot :)

The colouring is great! I love how you colour your drawings.


thank you very much :D

What a sketch this is...
I don't have enough words to describe about the sketch..


heh thank you ^^

finally it is colored, great to see it @scarlet-rain. I have seen your post re-steemed by your father..:)


i see, thank you :)

Blimey, more than a hint of natural talent in you. Is a career in art a desire or is this a hobby?


heh thank you very much :) for now it's just a hobby, but who knows if i manage to get better i might try doing something with it ^^


Don’t waste it! :)

i love anime cartoon ... also love coloeredsketch drwing.. looking so handsome.. ;)


thank you :)

Fantastic work.

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