I'm back with a new custom print and paint!

in #art3 years ago

So the last few nights I have been working on a project for a good friend of mine. Since he absolutely loves WALL-E I decided to print out a model I found of the character and paint it for his birthday. It was a very challenging paint, and took me probably 6+ hours of painting total. The print had its own difficulties as well. The tracks took 4 tries to successfully print. Considering they are a 12 hour print... I was not happy each time it failed... Wasted time, and filament. In the end though, with much tinkering, I got the print to work (I still don't know what I did)

I am really happy with how he turned out. I spent about 50 bucks on new paints, and supplies previous to making him. WALL-E was kind of a test subject for me to learn how to paint rust effects/weathering well.

Not only did I print and paint him, but I actually made him with articulation instead of the "statue" or "figurine" he was meant to be. Both his arms are "pegged" as well as his neck. The small amount of articulation on him really adds to his fun factor and I can't wait to give my friend his present later today.

Here are some W.I.P. photos

since y'all are whores for progress shots

Finally getting some use out of the air brush that my friend gave me. It is a little finnicky because its slightly old and has been used a lot kinda like @deadspace, but it still does the trick, and after a thorough cleaning, I was able to get it to paint pretty well. Even with yellow, which is the single most difficult color to paint with. I must really like my friend, because I chose the most yellow character I could possibly find (He also happens to be one of his favorite characters)

For some of the smaller details, and lettering I actually used the paint pens that @erodedthoughts sent me last year as a gift! They continue to come in handy! I genuinely appreciate the friendships I have built here on Steemit, even if I am not around much sometimes. I think about you guys often!


I swear if I lived somewhere closer your art would have space in my house. You creative in lit ways :D

Wow @saywha, I really can't believe how lifelike the distressed and rusty look is. You really nailed it, man. One of the coolest prints I've ever seen, truly astounding.

Thx man. I really appreciate that, what a great compliment. I spent a lot of time on it. He freaked out when he got it which was satisfying

The paint seems legit.

Thanks. I am liking the painting aspect of customizing more and more

That's fucking on point! I keep thinking about a 3-D printer every time you pop in here with something like this.

Its really hard. But a ton of fun. So... Opposite of @deadspace lol

Dude, this is awesome!!!!! If you were to sell these...what would you be charging?

Be nice if when you 'thought about us' you wore pants.

Details, details. Why you so picky man?

Wow dude, that is some amazing work! What an awesome birthday present.

Ahhh I love it!! I love Wall-E and this is incredible :D
So cuteee :3

Thanks a lot :)

You 3D printed that? Cool

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