Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas "Enter the Port"

in art •  8 months ago

Dear Steemians,

Today I am posting my abstract acrylic painting on canvas - "Enter the Port". 

Medium used: Acrylic Painting on Canvas. 

Tools: Brushes, Palette Knife and Sponge

Size: 20"t x 20" 

This is the completed painting. Hope you liked this. This painting is adorning the office room of my friend who is an interior designer at Bangalore.

Please comment and upvote if you liked this post.

Till my next post, happy painting.

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It's not abstract brother, just saying. It's expressionist. Abstract has no commonly known objects in it, thus we call it "abstract". This being said, it's great art and you got my follow and upvote. Keep it up!


@jankasparec Thanks for the genuine feedback. I agree with your viewpoints. You are also great artist dude. I loved your paintings.