Draw with ease!🎨😉 Step by Step

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Hi friends! I'm very happy to continue writing articles on this platform😀😀

I often hear people say they can not draw. In fact, this is just a refusal, everyone can learn to draw!

I don't draw anything for 1 year, so it was a bit difficult to draw something interesting quickly and easily.

I would like to share with you how to easily draw what you want!!)
To begin with, I want to show you my result)


My work is divided into several steps.
Step 1 - Schematic representation of the future drawing in the picture.


Usually, I start painting paints on canvas right away. But this time he painted a finished drawing on the prepackage. Because I wanted to convey as many items as possible.

Step 2 - fill the image with a paint.
I drew a detailed picture of the basis of my painting, which makes it a bit easier to work with paints. I apologize for the non-aesthetic drawing by the pen)))


The final step in completing the picture is to fill the back background of the picture.It's easier for me to do this from the middle to the edges of the painting.

IMG_20190604_161437 (1).jpg

Here I shared with you some tricks of drawing.))
I wish you inspiration !! Never be afraid to learn something new!!!



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