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How to make a beer seat - explained clearly so you can do it too! Thanks @russmaiersteemCreated with Sketch.

in art •  last year


I wrote a joke post a few days ago requesting money from the steemit community to assist my team and I on our mission to drink our way to an office full of furniture.

Apparently not too many people found it funny and our request was declined... So the bottles we we saving have now been removed my our locals friends who sell them back to the stores.


I have not yet properly introduced the man who built our one piece of finished beer-furniture!

So it is my great pleasure to introduce @russmaier who deserves far more credit than he is currently getting on Steemit!

The first creation I ever saw of his was this amazing Steemit sign made out of bottles filled with coloured ink!

Now that's what I call dedication!

He did this to spice up his introduction post and I strongly encourage you to read it here:

sexy banner.png

How did @russmaier make our beer seat?

ber seat-3.jpg

Well.... first we had to drink a lot!

Then he positioned the bottles into two geometric groups on the floor, glueing them together with a hard-core builders adhesive.

ber seat-11.jpg

One day later he returned to complete the job...

With the bottles firmly glued together he positioned a small light inside half a plastic bottle

ber seat-6.jpg

beer banner.jpg

ber seat-5.jpg

ber seat-4.jpg

This is on/off switch he created out of plastic bottle caps!
bottle cap on:off.jpg

.... and this is one very happy customer!

ber seat-9.jpg

So, that's how to make a glowing beer seat. Looks fab at night!

Thanks again to @russmaier for creating this beauty for us at the Bali Steemit HQ

And thanks too for your awesome ongoing contribution to the world of recycling & educating on this subject.

Check out a few more of his creations...

He also makes 'eco bricks' which are plastic bottles filled with plastic! And useful for many things...

As a way of saying thank you I created for Russ a fancy new banner to replace his blue one. Though I wouldn't be offended at all if he created one of his own, which is what I would expect of a person so full of creativity!

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 22.47.06.png

Please show your respect for this very special person by following and upvoting his work. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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Very inventive! Cool what is happening with steemit in Bali!


Steeming getting big here ;)


I'm happy to see that!

that is amazing! creative and useful


It sure is. Needs a cushion for ultimate bum comfort however ;)

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Thanks Sam for the colorful spotlight on the bench and my work! I hope we can make more funiture from your Bintangs... wouldn't it be awesome to build a fully organic and upcycled Bali Steemit HQ one day? :-)

Great creative ideas, easy to make them. And we protect Mother Earth from more pollution. Have you seen a boat made of plastic bottles?

Building a chair with beer bottles - It's like Lego for grown ups - awesome !