Help Us Hone Our Skillz- 3D Drawing Suggestions Needed!

in art •  11 months ago

Stitchybitch was left unattended with the 3D pen.


An artist, she is not! But she made a tiny Steemit logo! And a creativebot face!

(She also may have made something.. distasteful when my back was turned. But we won't show you that!)

But the purpose of this post: What kind of things would you like us to try to make?!

We need lots of practice, and 3D printing by hand isn't easy!

Give us something easy! Something hard! Something weird! And we will try our best!


This is about HALF of the filament that we have. Feel free to pick a color as well!

Colors we have:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Translucent Blue
  • Translucent Green
  • Translucent Red
  • Translucent Purple
  • Regular Translucent
  • Wood Grain
  • Conductive Black
  • And Metallic Silver (Pla-STEEL)

We look forward to plenty of suggestions!

It will honestly be hilarious to try and make things by hand on request! We can promise neither quality or perfection, but we will give it a go!

Get your own 3D pen HERE!

We hope you like what we brought to the blockchain today! Please leave your comments and feedback in the comments, we love to hear it!

Stay tuned to our page for Microscopic Mondays, drone shenanigans, poetry, 360 VR footage, 3D prints, and the occasional chuckle!

Much love, @sammosk and @stitchybitch! <3

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Well I know what our 3 year old twins would want to print with it... poop. How about a cute little poop emoji in "wood grain"? 🤣😁

Tie-Fighter! I think it has some simple shapes and dimensions, maybe be a fun challenge. Plus if I remember you guys print and Millennium Falcon the other day so it may be right up your alley.

Good post..

this is very creative with the new trobosan. I like, will you teach me lord @sammosk

make phone cases. different color designs. That would be coool.

💕 Sir, your 📮post is 👍good
Sir, please Follow me

This is so beautiful. I would choose the silver color.

very good work, where I can get it

Why not an R2-D2 or even an adipose (from Dr Who)

Or maybe a blue yoshi!

How about a tree?

'Primarily' using wood grain for the trunk (might come nice with black or silver) and branches...

...and 'then' choose one or two other colours (since you don't have solid green you can get extra creative here!) for the foliage? ^_^

welcome... i always try to visited your post love u

Recently @vermillionfox created a smol oddish from pokemon out of felt, Maybe try make a hand made 3dprinted oddish as its cute, simple shape and beginner friendly and well known! <3

Make a stop-motion of that creativebot! Make a female version so that he could taste love or whatever it is that he would perceive it as...

I am so jealous! I have wanted one of those for a long time... If I would have one I would make a Beholder... Since I don't have one and you asked for suggestions, that is my vote! :D I would also like to request a Nine Inch Nail inspired cross stitch. Thanks :)

A difficult one to practice with pattern!
I would love to see in translucent color...purple?
And you can hang in the window like stained glass. :D