Her Sinful beauty

in art •  last year

"The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and the devil are fighting there and the battlefield is the heart of man" -Dostoevsky. This is my newest sketch and i have completed sketching it today. Till date, I have sketched quite a lot of sketches, but obviously, i can't recall them all, sometimes I can't even recall what it felt. But there are some, that are still afresh, fresh like the memory of first rain. This one surely is one of them. I am not talking about the details and the perfection of the sketch, I liked it because what it makes me feel, the feeling i will remember it with. Some may see it as a sketch about her helplessness, but for me, its only about her beauty- her sinful beauty. Its about the way light diffused from her skin, illuminating it; how she conceals herself in the shadows, yet revealing her ethereal beauty. She seems to be in conflict with herself, she hides her face behind her hair yet her gaze is fixed and clear.


Normally i select a reference photo which I really want to sketch, but in course of sketching, it turns so mundane and i quit it. But sketching this was different, from the beginning i really felt like sketching it and i sketched it continuously (which I rarely do) for around 8-9 hours. At last I was left exhausted, but happy and satisfied. It was worth the time. I used charcoal pencil for dark shadings and 2B, 4B graphite pencils for lighter shadings. I used Derwent charcoal pencil, which was my first time. In the beginning, I really struggled with the shading, but later on, it felt good.
Cheers if you made it this far!!!
Pardon me for my English, it isn't my first language.
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Thank you....

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the art work is very nice..keep it up


Thank you so much @majorsteemian

K bhanney kya aba. Sidai top ma janey bichar cha jasto cha.!!
This be Nice. :)


bichar ta cha ni, tara j gare ni hunna yar

सारै राम्रो sketch

Man's not hot but she sure is


Skrrrt Pop Pop!!!!

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