HAHA the snail horse😂

Let's do a genetically enginereed zoo together in the future shall we, would be a blast 😉

Science has come a long way in recent years so maybe this could happen haha. We need to patent the snail horse before it gets into the wrong hands.

Great job brother! These are hilarious. FYI, be careful about the Tags you use… I would not put this under "photography" because of using reference photos. That is reserved for actual photography. I just got Into a huge shitstorm because of this, and I don't want you to get flagged. Keep going with this, I think you could have a great thing here. My suggestion for the next one : rhino/Koala bear :)

Thanks for the reply! I'm new to this platform and appreciate the advice. I'll try to add more relevant tags for my next post and I'll also add your suggestion in the next issue.

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