Street Art of San Diego (Spray Can Utility Box)

in art •  10 months ago

This is the sister art work to another post I did earlier. They are just a city block or two away from each other.


You can see the similar fun fruit 🍓 painted in the other art piece.


I love the butterfly’s 🦋 presented.


The falling effect of these flower 🌺 painting is enjoyable to me.


It looks as though someone added to this art piece. That does happen with public art. Art is an evolving thing. =>


The artist even added a website with their signature.


Another beauty presented in the wonderful area of North Park in San Deigo.


Thank you for viewing this piece. It’s day 5 in a row of my daily posting quest. I’m sure I’ll stop counting the days after the 10th or so.
I hope you enjoyed. 😌

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