Street Art of San Diego, CA (Rainbow Building)

in art •  10 months ago

This is one of my more favorite building paintings I’ve seen. The color flow of it is incredible.


The bleeding of colors all around this artist piece create a lot of joy in my visual world.


I wanted to show more detail in the blending of colors with this photo.


The yellows organized around the utility boxes do a fun little eye dance when you walk by them.


The brickwork underneath this color is a nice change of texture. You can see a little bit of the colors have bleed into it.


It’s not the easiest to see, but in the blue part of this picture you can see some patterns/circles of red lines.


There are some of the same circular patterns in the blue part on this other side of the painted building. In the upper right corner of this photo.


Here’s a wider picture of this building across the street. The artist really did an incredible job on this.


Couldn’t really find any other signature of the artist. So possibly this symbol is their signature.


This mural is located just on the western outskirts of the Hillcrest community area in San Diego.


I was happy to post about this building, share all of its beauty and creativity.
Hope you enjoyed.
Now on my second day in a row ( I know, not much, but a start😊) towards daily posting. To help accelerate the timeline of my journey to document all of San Diego‘s Street art.

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