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Wow... I mean he covered the whole canvas with colours. And that too on his own. Can anything be prettier than this? 😍
It is a very beautiful painting and is made by a two year old. Truly amazing. And I hope he becomes a big and famous artist one fine day. Keep rocking.


Thank you @nikita.adroit 😊 We'll have it framed and have him reminded hat he did this when he grows up!

What! Did a two year old toodle paint this?
@ruthlesswanderer ?


Yes. Haha he's better than I. 😆


do me a favor dear...get him into steemit arts competition so he wins you lots of steem dollar;) also on me, get him a nice chocolate ice cream..say its from his fan @kenhudoy

thanks for this...and keep it up
that reminds me, do check my work on family versus office and also brain efficiency. a good and comment also...thanks