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RE: Today's Painting #80 - Wedding Gift for My Lovely Sister

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I always envy people who can draw with such different colors and correctly pick them. Especially in traditional sense. You have to mix color my hand with a brush. I can handle the digital drawings. There are R G B numbers, I can check if a color is the correct one or not from the numbers. ( and still most of the times its wrong^^ ) For me, real life color picking is the hardest thing because i am colorblind ^^ Your painting is beautiful.


And I always envy people who are good with digital drawing 😁 I used to see on the internet there's some kind of glasses for color blind people... Maybe you can try it, to help you picking the color 😅 I guess you already knew about it tho

Digtial drawing is easier, you can have hundreds of brushes in your hand with a single pen. And you have "CTRL+Z" :)) Yes @hananan I knew about the glasses. But colorblind glasses are not for everybody, there is a small chance that it will work and its not a cure. Just a tool to help ^^ They are too expensive for me to buy right now.

Yeah... Ctrl+Z something you couldn't do in watercolor painting... But in acrylic painting like this one, it's ok to make mistakes, you can simply keep adding layer until you feel satisfied

Ah... I thought that glasses would work for everyone and has a nice price, silly me 🙈