3D Drawing : Pudge, the Butcher - DOTA

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Get over here! Fresh meat.

Hello World of Arts and World of DOTA. Come to Pudge and get hooked with my new artwork for today. I've been working for this for almost 7 hours. Yes! 7 hours of nonstop drawing. Well, at least the outcome was great and it didn't go to waste. Come and let's get deeper on how I made my first 3D drawing : Pudge, the Butcher ☺️

📌Artwork Overview

Pudge, the Butcher : 3D drawing

Pudge, the Butcher, is a melee strength hero and is one of the most renowned and popular heroes in all of Dota. A fearsome disabler, roamer, and ganker that if played skillfully, he can set up skills for his team and can displace enemies especially during early game.


  • Meat Hook


    A bloody hook will be launched toward a location or a unit. The first unit it encounters will be snagged by the hook and will be dragged back to pudge and dealing damage if it's an enemy.

  • Rot


    Pudge releases a cloud of toxic that slows the movement speed of the enemy while dealing intense damage. It both harms the enemy and Pudge himself.

  • Flesh Heap


    If Pudge kills an enemy Hero or it dies in his vicinity, it gives him bonus strength and magic resistance. It is retroactive.

  • Dismember


    CHANNELED - Pudge disables an enemy unit by chowing down while dealing damage over time. Pudge get healed equivalent to the damage he dealt. Lasts 6 seconds on creeps and 3 seconds on heroes.

You may probably wonder why I draw Pudge when there's a lot of choices to draw. The reason is for me, he's the coolest Hero in the world of Dota. He became my favorite Hero when I saw how useful and deadly Pudge is in terms of early ganking and roaming. And of course he's the main Hero of my idol Dendi of Natus Vincere (NAVI). One of the most iconic team ever played in Dota history.

I've been playing Dota ever since I was a high school student. I become a fond of it and that time, Pudge is so popular. This is my first ever 3D drawing and I want it to be extra special.

📌Materials used

✔ Colored Pencils
✔ Worx Board Paper(I only used my sketch pad as a base for me to draw well)
✔ Pencil
✔ Eraser

📌Step by Step Process

⟐ First, of course I made an outline of my drawing. I sketched Pudge using pencil for me to easily correct it if I made a mistake. After sketching using pencil, I immediately started to color it using colored pencils.


⟐ Next, I then finished coloring the entire left arm. Adding shadows and smudge them using colored pencils.


⟐ This time, I highlighted the weapon on Pudge's left arm. I've done everything I could to make it more realistic. I also added blood effects to make him look more badass. 😀


⟐ And then the head comes next. This is the hardest part for me because this defines his whole personality. So I made it extra careful.


⟐ After that, I then proceed to his body and belly gore. I put some blood effects also to his apron to make him more intimidating.


⟐ And lastly, I finished the remaining parts and come up with an amazing artwork of mine. He really looks like the Pudge I know. 😁


Hooh! After how many hours of nonstop drawing, I finally finished it. I am so happy with the outcome and I am so proud of myself. I put all my efforts in making this artwork and it finally paid off. I know you can do it too!. Just practice really hard and patience is really a big deal here. With patience and efforts, for sure you can also do this kind of stuff. ☺️

That's all for today and I hope all of you would learn something from it. What I mean is that you should always put in your mind that patience is really a virtue. Thank you so much for passing by.

"When I'm through with these vermin, they'll be fit for a pie!" - Pudge


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