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Photographs, elaboration and editing · @Roybrown

Hello World!

Receive a great greeting, came August and for many this date is to share, and go that these animals can be that friend who accompanies you these days.

· Let's talk about this animal ·

The dog, considered man's best friend, tender, playful, trustworthy, unconditional, an animal that is always for you, follows you, cares for you, and protects you from any danger. Go! That's how these animals are.

It belongs to the species of the canines, their characteristics can vary depending on their race and the location where this animal, presents a very sensitive smell and a tuned ear, this features allows you to identify and look for various things or objects.

The dog is an animal that is considered domestic, in addition to being a pet, also employed as assistants of people with visual impairment, other areas that can be found in the Department of Security, Fire and rescue agencies, it is clear that They are beings capable of making people happy.

· Now let's talk about the process ·

1. The first thing is to have a pencil, a paper and the desire to create, then you have these materials proceed to make the contour of the dog, as we see in the picture.

2. Then we define the shape of the animal, and add some important traits, and then with the help of a black marker tip fine, we begin to review each line.

3. We continue to review the entire silhouette of the dog, then proceed to fill the darker areas and detail with short strokes the figures to give shade and texture to them and generate the respective shadows that allow you to give the drawing depth and realism.

4. We continue to review each line and fill in to generate shadows with the intention of making it as real as possible.

5. Once you have done the above steps, to culminate and no less important, with the help of a pencil (preferably from the range of B) give him touches in the whole illustration, which will help you to give more depth and thus make it seem much more real.

Who said that a friendship is only with other people? Thanks to these beings we know the true meaning of loyalty and friendship, greetings to all my readers.

A huge greeting and a big hug.


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