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Illustration @roybrown

Greetings friends, receive a warm and sincere welcome to my new publication, a new illustration that shows once again the perfect qualities of animals, I hope you like.

The shark, is the oldest animal of terrestrial existence, and go that is old, its predecessor (Megalodon) is very different from the one we know today, however, this species exists since before the dinosaurs, about 200 million years before, it is interesting how its Evolution has made them adapt so well to the present time, increasing increasingly to be such a perfect species.

The shark inhabits in any ocean, almost the vast majority of the species prefers open water, is one of the animals with more species around the world, today 368 are the recognized, is a figure that can vary, but the hunting of this animal makes it difficult to estimate the pobl Of the same, because every day this practice ends with hundreds of them.

There are certain characteristics of sharks that are certainly interesting.

-their teeth are not attached to the jaw like those of humans, these are more dynamic allowing them to change quickly when losing one or all.

-Your body is made up of 80% water.

-It has No bones, its structure is made of cartilage, it allows a greater flexibility at the moment of moving.

-The vast majority of these animals can not remain without movement because they sink in the water, they always have to be in motion.

-the largest current shark is the whale shark being able to reach a length of 13 meters.

-The vast majority of sharks have an elongated snout, and about 5 to 7 gills on each side that allow it to breathe.


Step by step we'll create a great shark.

-If you want to draw a shark, the first thing you have to do is take a pencil, paper, eraser and have an idea of what you will do and how you will do it. Start by making a sketch silhouette (quick pencil strokes that allows you to get the silhouette). Once you have the silhouette ready you will be added some features.

-Depending on whether you like it or not you can continue with the illustration, once you feel good about what you have done we continue to add features of the shark in pencil.

-When you see that you have the phase in pencil ready, proceed to remark the lines before made in pencil, now with black marker, preferably fine tip, when finished remark uses a draft to remove the graphite of the pencil.

-Now the marker is your best friend, surely begins to apply techniques that allow you to cover the surface of the animal, in this case the technique that the author names as "Short and Crazy strokes" are short lines in various directions, straight and curved That allow to fill the surface of the shark cuerpa with great efficacy.

-If you remember the aforementioned, this technique is still applied to cover the top of the shark.

-You can see the result of the patience in making these short strokes, once covered the dark surface we move to the clear surface, following the same technique will be applied in some sectors to give a more real touch, and having everything ready again use the Pen to shade the illustration, this helps a lot for the expression.

Illustration @roybrown

I thank everyone who sees my post, especially the project @slothicorn, the project @curie for their support, the @ocd-Resteem team for providing their services in helping.

Welcome to those who are coming, a hug to those who are already, greetings.


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