rheum of Africa [An Original Abstract Art And A Poem]

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rheum of Africa

 Rheum of Africa (An Original Poem)

The love with lands surrounded by

the Mediterranean sea to north,

Sinai Peninsula keeps a house with whom?

Suez and red having room.


Forest and her ancient folk

always in our feelings and talk,

All the mankind having so curious 

You,more I think mysterious. 

Beauty of her smile peeking, a truth

I know the truth ,the truth

The photographer committing suicide

never conceding the painful sight.

A monster throwing away foods

In the water ,children of you

Crying crying for a grain.

The moribund acting his last sequence

Why? a vulture waiting, a question.

I love you, consider mother of lions

Smile revealing a secret, oh Africa! 

  Progresses of my art-work

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nice .... Africa is my dreamland :D

Good work!I like it very much !Upvote

excellent post :D

very artistic :)

excellent art

very nice poem & drawing on "Africa" :)

I enjoyed reading your poem, I am also starting to post under the poetry tag. Check out my work and if you like it I would appreciate your follow. More than likely I will follow you back, as I am trying to keep up with all steemit poetry writers. @beginningtoend