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My original art - "Two friends"

in art •  last year

They are friends. One is white and another is black. We expect this type of friendship in the human civilization also, 

two friends (black & white)

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Hmmm.....interesting painting. I get the dogs, but what does the red, wavy background symbolize? I feel like that red backslash is what makes the painting stand out.

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Amazing work of art! Very nice.


thank you my friend. but you're an extraordinary artist :)


You're welcome. And thank very much for the compliment. It means a lot coming from a talented artist. Namaste.

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I want to tell you that you are a multitelanted personality. Great job friend, but I know you never give any attention to my work, I can wish you good luck and good health and happiness.


than you very much @maya7


I am very sorry if I hurt you, but you know I had several times asked your help for some very important reasons,you didn't pay attention to it, I know that you are a genius and very much busy person, friend I had wrote all these due to attrect your attention. So please please forgive me friend.if you look some of my post you may know my intention. Thanks for the giving me the chance to share my thoughts, have a great day.

nice post sir upvoted your vote is very important for me sir @deshwal

Very nice art
I love it
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Brilliant art

Congratulations dear friend @royalmacro for this beautiful work, very good your desire in human sharing, I add to that wonderful desire.
I give you a beautiful week


many many thanks my friend @jlufer :)

Like your drawing style ^ ^