moonlit night [An Original Abstract Art And A Poem]

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moonlit night

A Moonlit Night (An Original Poem)

I saw the moon through my window

thinking of study to be fled away.

A silvery plate tempting me firmly,

closed my book and ran out the balcony.

The city equipped with the flood of light,

The nature making the alluring, the night

my friends came and made a plan

Hide and seek, We loved more than.

A sweet Tagore Song pervading into ears,

but, I allowed and allowed, always heard

old woman's voice never sweet before

today I was tempted firmly, therefore.

 Progresses of my art-work


 #abstract #art   

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so nice art-work & poetry :D

Bery cool poem and i like me some abstract art. Thank you for posting.


thanks :D

this is art