divine [An Original Abstract Art]

in art •  3 years ago  (edited)


#abstract #art

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Pretty nice... But applying a filter to a good picture is not art... it's filtering.
Otherwise, any snapchat bitch can be considered "artist".

I can swear I saw the original crying child picture somewhere at Reuters, thus I'm flagging (since you dont cite the original author of the image). Please, contact me at the chatroom if you wish me to take the flag out.

all photographs and arts are 100% mine ..........
You see the original crying child picture somewhere ? Ok. show me..........challenge

It would help your reputation that you posted it...
Lol, what kind of "challenge" is that?

amazing photo :)

really divine :)

nice photo. can you please source the original and credit the photographer?
Sorry for that but I hate when people don't credit the photographers. as one of them I consider that steeling

Why divine?