Black Panther - My 3D modeling with poser [Download free this 3D model Here] Series #02

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Today here I share one of my 3D model "Black Panther". I created this 3D object with the help of Poser Pro 2014. You may also download free this 3D model in different formats - 3D studio, lightwave, wavefront object etc. If this 3D model will be popular here then I'll make another posts for sharing my 3D models free. You may use this model in 3D animation, Game etc. absolutely free.


Here is also a preview video of this 3D model

 Now Download this 3D model : Download Free

 I hope you enjoy this :)

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another superb 3D model :D

really nice work :D

Good work Royal not bad.

Ok how do u get those shades it awesome !!

I use "big cat texture" & "deep blue color morphing" to create these shades :)