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RE: FancyDog is wishing you a Whoof-whoof - Le dog français est irresistible ;-) [ENG-FR]

in #art5 years ago

What a cutie, my dear. I love him. And the purple just suits him perfectly. 🐶
Hmmm... Have you ever wondered why when we talk about dogs, we are inclined to use the masculine pronoun? And the cats are always ladies. 🤔

Sort: french we tend to give the gender according to the article (which does not exist in english) for example a giraffe will always be a "she" for us because we say La girafe ...I'm sure you understand because you also speak french...
a turtle is also a girl, and a snail is a boy...LoL
Do you have such things in your language, like the gender in french ..?

Of course we have these nuances in Romanian. Our native languages are pretty similar, not to mention the many neologisms taken from French.

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