ART CONTEST # 4. GRANDMA WITH BIRD... Turpial Ave Venezolano

in art •  last year 

Hello my Steemit people ... I love to draw, I have a lot more fun drawing to participate in competitions ... Today I draw a beautiful bird, a national symbol of my beloved country Venezuela I hope you like it ... @agneslaczo

The Turpial is a small bird that has a black plumage on its head and tail, while the rest of the body is yellow, on its wings has thin stripes of white.

This bird has made it special the particular its particular song, a harmonious song that is usually heard at dawn.

The Turpial is found in almost all Venezuelan territory, but especially in the Eastern Plains, also in countries such as Colombia and Panama.

The Turpial is a very lonely bird and generally likes to be in warm places, and feeds on insects and fruits. In addition this bird does not build its own nests, but uses those that have been abandoned by other birds to take refuge, however it is also known that the Turpial becomes aggressive at the time of taking the nests by force.


Here I show you the process of this beautiful work ... I hope you enjoy it ...





And once again my final art ... I hope it has been to your liking

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