UPROOTING. painting.2018

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Uprooting Ibiza 2018 24x30cm Oil on masonite.

Just finished this little one I also had half done since December 2016 in Italy.

It´s one of those rare ones without a story.

Best Wishes,
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On masonite? Interesting, i never did anything with it, how it is working on it?

I like it very much, very smooth. I bought these in Boesner art supply in Vienna.

well art doesn't need to come along with a story, people looking at it can make their own story right :) nice colouring!

yes, you are right!

My favourite colours! I'll probably still make up a story in my head about it anyway ;)

cool... I might like to hear it! hahah!

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Thank you!

Very interesting flow and texture... and this one is somehow more alien than your usual earthy ones... The teal gives a strange contrast :) I like it :)

Thank you! :-) it is different...

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