MUSIC LABYRINTH. painting 2018.

in #art6 years ago

60x84cm. Oil on canvas. ibiza 2018.

The rock walls vibrate from the sound.
Sound as it travels the Labyrinth becomes music.
The music is born naturally from the vibration that brings matter and space into one element.
This is the Music Labyrinth.
If you watch closely you might hear the sounds create the music.

Las paredes de roca vibran el sonido.
El sonido recorre el laberinto y se convierte en música.
Naturalmente, nace la música fruto de la vibración que comunica el espacio con la materia.
Este es el Laberinto musical.
Si te fijas bastante quizás puedas escuchar la música.

Here are some images of the making of:




thank you for checking in,
for more about my art you can visit


beautiful painting, as always, @romanie :> i love your colours and the way you see the world ! there is definitely an energy of intangible forces here, represented as musical breezes that travels in and out through us, a labyrinth !

Thank you Veryspider, as always! :-)

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thank you!

beautiful! painting , i love it , details and shapes also colors are wonderful , that is like a dream ... <3 followed

Thank you Janan! :-)

Your work is truely fantastic, @romanie.
There's such a feeling of deepness with the great management of foregrounds and backgrounds, the way they intersect and overlap. That creates the will the visit and explore this strange places...
Thanks again for sharing :)

Thank you so much Berien!

wow, very intense - one can get lost in this painting .....
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Thank you Otto!

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Thank you so much!

Gorgeous. I love the colors you choose, the translucent watery ways, and the luminescence that seems to come out from within.

Thank you!

Beautiful artwork:) Resteemed!!

Thank you Koto-art!

What a beauty. Love these colors...are you listening to music while painting?

Yes, most of the time I do! :-)

Me too! What do you listen to in general or do you just mix it up everyday?

wow.. I listen to so many different things... lately I have been checking out new groups on KEXP radio in Seattle.... Then I´m still playing a lot of Anouar Brahem, Nils Frahm, Robert Rich, Brian Eno... then I get times I´m really into Radiohead, Younger Brother .... there is an infinity of them!

cool! :-)

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