BLUE ABSTRACT. painting 2018.

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(detail)115x81cm Oil on wood.

This painting I started over a month ago and now I think it´s finished.
It´s one of the the abstract explorations I´ve been working on.

It started like this:

Then once it dried I worked on it.


Till it ended up looking something like this.
I´m not too happy with the colours in the photo.. I haven´t got it perfect yet. It´s a difficult one to capture with my camera.

Yesterday a friend came around to visit me at the studio and took a photo of me with the painting. Just so you get an idea of the size I guess.

Thank you for checking in on this piece, I hope you enjoyed.
To see more about this abstract art I´m exploring you can visit my page


Beautiful, @romanie~ This one reminds me of jellyfishes in the sea <3 Love the textures and love the shot of yourself with the canvas ! It is a big canvas !

Thanks Veryspider!

Seeing this I really have to begin on my own into the world of painting :)
I love it

love to hear that! :-)

Looks to me like the map of another planets world...

yes... I see what you mean! :-)

yes... I see what you mean! :-)

Beautiful. I love blue and gold together!

Thank you!

it make me feels as if i'm in the deepest part of the sea, looking up :)
great work, it looks very interesting

Thank you!

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Thank you!

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