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ABSTRACT 8. painting 2018.

in art •  17 days ago


122x55cm. Oil on wood. Ibiza 2018.

This is the process of another of the abstract pieces I have been working on this summer.
Here is the finished piece and a few details follow of the process.
I hope you enjoy it.
I keep my discipline of not interpreting this and turning it into anything other than the shape and colour it reveals, leaving it free for each individual to see what they wish.

first steps...








End result:

Best wishes,

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I like seeing the progress - inspiring!
Have to share this, upvote, resteem.


Thank you Otto!!!!

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Thank you!

This one gives me a feel of a planet trying to be born, @romanie... The ocean is bubbling up from somewhere deep and gushing into the new planet's core... A primordial flow of life and mysteries * ___ *

Beautiful painting <3


Thank you Veryspider! Your descriptions are poetical!

This one has the feel of a sea creature and I'm enamored of the colours.


Thank you Donna!