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seeing your artwork remind me to my region in Indonesia. We have mountainous landscapes. There are many river flow between two hills.
Seeing a potential in the hilly area and river flow local authorities argue a great potential for the development of electricity sourced from water. Hills with elevation ranges and landscape slope make technicians deployed to meet electricity reserves for the needs of all residents
As we know, in modern times electricity is very necessary for daily needs in human life. The benefits of electricity itself, besides being used as lighting at night (lights), electricity is also used for electronic devices and household furniture, and also electricity is used in an industry as a driving force for machines.
Now an automotive company is competing to create a vehicle of the future with environmentally friendly fuels, one of which is by creating vehicles with electric power.
The presence of electricity in the face of globalization, in Indonesia there are still regions or areas that have not been reached by the State electricity network. So that people use generator sets as alternative roads. The use of the generator set itself is considered inefficient, because the generator is not environmentally friendly, the noise generated from the generator can cause noise, while the generator needs fuel for fuel and the engine nurse is quite expensive.
People who live near waterfalls can benefit from waterfalls as one of the hydroelectric power station. This waterfall will then drive a turbine that will produce electrical energy voltage. Besides utilizing waterfalls as a hydroelectric power station, the community can also benefit from reservoirs, irrigation or flowing rivers. Of course the generated electricity voltage is different, because based on the turbine drive itself, the water flowing is getting stronger to drive the turbine so the electricity obtained is greater, and also if the water flows slowly so that the motion of the turbine becomes weaker also weak. Using waterfalls as hydropower, it is quite environmentally friendly because it uses nature as a medium to produce electricity. Before making a hydroelectric power station we must know the important parts that must exist in hydroelectric power plants such as turbines or windmills, generators, controllers, lead acid seal batteries.
By this way, we can hope many people in that area will have their electricity.
The production of electricity can be increase by add turbine and use step up transformator so the capacity will increase. More turbine , more capacity. The more electricity capacity will ensure the availability of electricity in the future
Thank you @xpilar
warm regard from Indonesia


thanks for your nice description @rokhani

you are welcome, @xpilar

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