Holi-Art Day #96: Poor Guy...

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Good news, Steemians! It's Holi-Art time!

Holi-Art is a daily art post created by yours truly, Rigaronib.

The idea of Holi-Art is to create a piece of art with a theme that is based around each day's less popular or even funny national or international holidays. Today is April 6th and thanks to the website www.daysoftheyear.com, I have learned that it is Walk to Work Day, Tartan Day, Army Day, Caramel Popcorn Day, Plan Your Epitaph Day and New Beer's Eve. So today I will post an original piece of artwork that corresponds with one or more of these particular 'holidays'.

Here is today's rendering:

Poor Guy...

I bet it was snowing caramel popcorn every day, too.

Progression pictures:

I hope you all enjoyed this original content! If you have questions or advice for me, please leave them in the comments. Also, be sure to watch for my daily Holi-Art post to find out which wacky holidays that you should be celebrating today!


"do you still have caramel popcorn?"
I was thinking about it. and I saw the drawings.
ahahaha. fantastic

Hahaha awesome! :D

yeaaapp! good night :d

Entertaining art. And isn’t it weird there is such thing as caramel popcorn day! From now on, I love april 6th!

Very weird! Haha

I was thinking if Caramel is a man or a woman.. Lol! :D

You rock bro! :D

Oh...good question! Lol

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